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Steps To Download Videos For Free

Download Videos For Free

Most of the people around the world listen to the videos mainly using YouTube. It is a site which stores millions of videos so that you can access them for free. People also upload their videos for free on the YouTube. But many people face difficulty in downloading their favorite videos into their device like a laptop, iPad, iPod, etc. This is because YouTube does not allow its visitors to download the videos available on their site directly. You can make use of software like Freemake songs mp3 download to download your favorite videos from YouTube. Visit the site which offers some useful tips.
The article below suggests some useful tips to download your favorite YouTube videos and enjoy watching them using your personal device.

Installing aTube Catcher
You need to download any one YouTube Download manager program before you try to download videos. aTube Catcher is a popular YouTube Download manager program which permits the download of videos from YouTube and converts them into a format suitable for iTunes. You need to be very careful before agreeing to the terms and conditions of the download. During the installation process of aTube catcher, the installer asks for permission to install Teoma app. You need to click on the cancel and decline button so that the installation of the aTube Catcher continues without any issue.

Downloading Your Video
By using the options provided by the aTube Catcher you can download your favorite videos from YouTube. You can make use of Find Videos option to browse through the YouTube to search your favorite video. Also, you can make use of the option Music to just paste the URL of the video present in YouTube. Once you have done with choosing your favorite video, you need to click on the output profile and then make a choice depending on the file format you require. You can also select the quality of the video to be downloaded.

Download The Right Version
You may find various versions of the same video depending on the compatibility of the video on various external devices like laptops and mobiles.MP4, and WebM formats support the access of YouTube videos on multiple devices. The MP4 is the popular version supported by most of the personal devices.

Easy Way
It is also possible to download your favorite YouTube easily with the help of aTube Catcher. You can skip the above tedious process and merely search from YouTube directly from the app using the search button. You can listen to your favorite music and then start downloading it by clicking on the download selected button.

Decide The Quality
While downloading your favorite video from YouTube, you can also decide on the quality you want your video to be downloaded. You need to consider the bitrates of the video which affects the quality of the video. It is recommended to download videos with 192kbps and 256kbps for improved quality.

Thus you can make the downloaded YouTube video to play from your device. You can enjoy the videos by viewing them offline after downloading them for free.